New Beginners

What a great turn out we had last night. Along with the eight new guys AND girls we got seven regular club members, which made for a very successful session.

The first session of a beginners’ course is always a bit tricky. People bring many preconceptions, consciously and unconsciously, about what aikido is about. Some of these are accurate and some not. Generally my goal in the early weeks is not so much to teach aikido techniques but to set the stage for future training.

With this in mind the class structure went as follows:

How the body maintains and loses balance
Leading to good aikido posture
And how this can be used to transmit power from the legs
Through pushing your partner
Basic avoidance of this push – side to side, on the diagonals and turning
How the body reacts to having the arm rotated forwards and backwards
The forward rotation leading into two “techniques”
Although these were taught as opportunities to practice a simple forward breakfall
A variation on one of the techniques to introduce turning
And finally some soft back breakfalls to warm down

The homework was to work on these back breakfalls during the week, focusing on keeping the chin tucked in, curving the back to ensure no unnecessary bumping onto the floor and using the body weight to bring yourself back up.

Feel free to comment on the session as feedback is always welcomed. Hope to see the same kind of numbers next week.