Do I upgrade to Fusion Energy?

I have been thinking a lot about where my energy comes from.

20051029_Belchatow_power_stationI used to be quite happy with fossil fuels from GWT Co: They were so cheap, reliable and freely available.

But I found out that not only are they going to run out quite soon… they are also doing bad things to my environment!


1280px-Alternative_EnergiesSo I have switched energy companies to use one of those cool new green tariffs from ngGreen. Now a large proportion of my energy comes from renewable sources, such as Wind and Solar (and possible nuclear fission!).



Alcator_C-Mod_Tokamak_InteriorRecently, I heard that there is this new renewable energy source, based on nuclear fusion. Apparently the Tokamak facility managed to achieve 30 seconds of sustained fusion. In the future there is no doubt that we will all be relying on this cool new technology to provide all our energy needs.

But how do I get hold of this clean sustainable energy; when should I switch and how can I plan for that?

Well the truth is that workable fusion technology is not here yet. It will be great when it comes but right now it is not a viable option. So I keep making the best of the renewable resources out there and try to limit my usage of fossil fuels.