Another beginners’ course is over

Well done to Zanna, John and Nicholas who completed the course on Tuesday. They have learned a lot during the ten weeks and I hope that they had fun too. I certainly did.

If any of the others who were on the course read this, then please know that you are most welcome to keep coming. I know that some of you had injuries or work commitments that kept you away. Don’t feel you can’t come along and get back on the horse, as it were.

The course has two aims. One is to introduce aikido generally to people who may have not even seen it before. The other is to get the attendees to learn enough of our syllabus to be able to grade to 6th kyu (white belt). Certainly the three mentioned above managed this with ease.

The difficulty with focusing on a syllabus is that you don’t have time show off lots of other aspects of aikido. This is something we will be remedying over the next few weeks before Christmas. No stress about grading; just fun and exciting aikido.

I hope we can keep up the healthy numbers at the Tuesday session till the end of the year. I.E. Don’t book your Xmas parties on Tuesday nights.